Vacation Rentals Home Management Program


You can trust us to take care of your vacation rentals home for you when you go back to your primary home.  Taking care of a home is a sub-tropical climate requires a lot of attention and a dedicated group of qualified vendors, and we have both. Sub-tropical climates can create issues that you don’t normally get in northern climates and you need someone local who can deal with any issue that may arise.

This is what we will take care of for you;


Swimming Pools

  • You will get weekly pool visits including all necessary chemicals to maintain the balance required for a crystal clear pool and spa.  The tile will be scrubbed at the water level and vacuumed as necessary. The skimmer basket and pool filter will be cleaned as necessary.
  • Replacement of any pool equipment is not covered


  • The lawns, during the summer months, will be cut on a weekly basis.  In the winter months, the lawn is cut bi-weekly or as needed. Lawn edging (weed whacking) and blowing the debris off of the hard surfaces are included. The contract covers 36 cuts per year. 
  • The replacement of grass is not covered.

Irrigation System

  • Check to see that irrigation is working properly.  Heads and pumps are working and the timer is set to the appropriate run cycle
  • Replacement of any parts of the irrigation system is not covered.

Garden Areas

  • Garden areas will be sprayed for weeds as needed.
  • Garden areas vary in size and description.  Because of this the trimming of shrubs and trees and annual mulching is not included.
  • Replacement of shrubs, flowers, or trees is not covered.

Pest Control

  • Every 3 months you will get regular pest control treatment for both the inside and outside of the vacation rentals home as well as lawn treatment for fire ant, grubs and mole crickets. You will also get an application of weed and feed for the lawn.   
  • Termite Protection is not included.

Home Watch Inspections

We will do bi-weekly Home Watch inspections of your unoccupied home.  We ask that you leave spare batteries and light bulbs in your home so that we can replace these items when needed during our inspections.  These inspections will be performed by Eisenberger Home Watch, who are insured, bonded, accredited, and trained in the Home Watch business.  Each inspection is done with an app (that we built), with a GPS locator. After the inspection is completed, you will receive, by email, a detailed report of the inspection.  

The monthly cost of this Vacation Rentals Home Management Program is $375.00.  This cost will cover a home up to 2200 sq. ft. on a single lot.

We have qualified vendors that can take care of any situation that may arise or for any project that you would like to have performed.